Zone Diet Food List

There is no real zone diet food list only foods that favorable, moderately favorable, and least favorable. The basic idea behind the Zone diet is that the food pyramid we see normally see everywhere in the US is believed to be one main reason Americans are overweight, have heart disease, and other ailments.

The Zone Diet Food list classifies foods so nothing is missing from your diet. You can enjoy all your favorite foods by just changing the ratio of the amounts.

The FDA food pyramid is like this on the bottom you find grains such as white bread, bagels, pasta, next is fruits and vegetables, and then protein and diary products, on the top you find fats and sugars. This pyramid is of course, geared to show consumers that fats make you fat and low fat food does not.

The zone diet food list consists of a pyramid that is quite different from the FDA in that vegetables and fruits are on the bottom, next low fat protein, and then mono saturated fat, and at the top are the breads and pastas. This pyramid does make quite a bit more sense if you really look at it.

When you look at the zone diet food list for favorable items, you will notice you can enjoy such items as chicken breast, skinless turkey breast, egg whites, most seafood, mushrooms, and soy products. Among the vegetables and fruits, you can eat pretty much any including ones with carbohydrates. Rice, pastas, and breads may be on the least favorable list; however, this does not mean not to eat them. It is suggested that you use these items as condiments.

The idea with the zone diet food list is that your meal should consist of one third of lean protein about the size of the palm of your hand, two thirds with carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables. With this diet plan, you can enjoy three meals a day and two snacks. You should never have more than five hours go by without eating. Once you join the program you will have the diet food list and learn which fats are good, learn which carbs are favorable, which carbs are unfavorable, and learn which foods are low fat protein. Many people have noted they have more energy and their overall health is improved.

With the zone diet, you will enjoy all your favorite foods while learning how to maintain the proper balance of foods to stay healthy while losing weight.

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