Weight watcher point system list

If you are searching for a weight loss program that you will be able to stick with or you are wondering about the weight watcher point system list, then you have stumbled upon the answers.

The WW point system list is derived from the two diet plans offered by weight watchers, which are the Core Plan and the Flex Plan. You can join weight watchers at a local meeting where you will find others that are in the program. The members are there working together to reach their goal weight and help one another such as a support system. However, if you already understand the way in which weight watchers works and do not need the support system, then you can also join online. The online method will give you all the tools you need including the weight watcher point system list along with recipes, food ideas, stories, a community, and a point tracker system.

The points are basically decided by weight which is around 20 points for those under 150 pounds, 22 points for those 150 to 174 pounds, 24 points for those 175 to 199 pounds, 26 points for those 200 to 224 pounds, 28 points for those 225 to 249 pounds, 30 points for those 250 to 274 pounds, and 31 points for those 275 to 300 pounds. Of course, everyone receives 35 extra flex points for treats. You can receive extra flex points for the time you spend exercising, your activities, and the intensity of your activities. The points listed above are not for teenagers or nursing mothers.

Not to take a looks at weight watcher point system list for the flex plan. Some of the low point foods include all vegetables are 0 points, ½ cup of fruit is 1 point, 3 cups light popcorn is 1 point, 1 can fat-free refried beans and salsa is 6 points, 2 slices Orowheat Light Whole Wheat bread is 1 point, 1 halibut filet is 4 points, 1 cup of rice is 4 points, salad without dressing is 0 points, 45 pretzel sticks is 2 points, and 1 3 ounce boneless skinless chicken breast is 3 points.

Some of the high point foods on the weight watcher point system list include a Big Mac is 14 points, medium fries is 10 points, 1 ham and cheese grilled sandwich is 14 points, 1 slice of pepperoni pizza is 14 points, and a McFlurry Shake is 14 points.

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