The Zone Diet Example Menu

The Zone diet example menu is something which should be looked into prior to jumping on the Zone diet bandwagon. By taking a look at the example menu below, one will find it easier to choose between the Zone diet and other types of diet plans. One can learn a lot simply by considering the menu choices that will be available to them throughout the course of their diet.

Reasons to Look At the Zone Diet Example Menu

There are a few reasons why one should look at the Zone diet example menu prior to embarking on the Zone diet. The first is so that they can basically understand what will be expected of them along the way with regard to meal plans. If the menu choices are not really going to work for an individual and there is no way around it, then choosing another diet plan may be in order.

Another reason to peruse the example menu prior to starting the Zone diet deals with those individuals who may be allergic to certain food items. If the example menu consists of a lot of items which an individual is allergic to and the choices are not quite as broad as they would be for those individuals without food allergies, then the prospective dieter should know this fact prior to choosing the Zone diet.

Sample Zone Diet Menu

The following consists of a sample menu which may help individuals to see what types of things are included within a typical Zone diet menu:

Breakfast: Low fat cottage cheese with toasted almonds, fruit salad, low fat Granola
Lunch: Salmon salad wrap, mixed greens, low fat vinaigrette
Dinner: Herb chicken breast, tomato, fennel
Snack (2/day): Choice of Zone bar, mini walnut muffins, or lemon squares

This is the example menu which individuals can browse to see if the Zone diet may have something to their liking.

One should really consider looking at the Zone diet example menu or menus which they are able to find before they commit to using the Zone diet in their weight loss ventures. Doing so will enable prospective dieters to make a valid and informed decision regarding choosing a weight loss program which suits them the best.

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