Peruse a Phase 1 South Beach Diet Sample Menu to Determine If a South Beach Diet Is the Right Choice

Phase 1 of a south beach diet sample menu is the best menu to take a look at in order to determine whether an individual would be interested in pursuing weight loss via a diet regimen of this type. Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet lasts for two weeks and is the quickest of all three South Beach Diet phases. During this period, all carbohydrates are avoided yet the portion sizes do not have to be reduced in any way from what one is used to eating.


For breakfast, an individual on this diet can have a south beach diet sample menu which includes some of the normal things one will eat for breakfast. One who is in Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet can have a cup of decaffeinated coffee or tea with skim milk, 6 ounces of tomato juice, an egg and two slices of lean bacon. Later in the morning, the individual can eat a mid-morning snack such as a stick of celery with some low-fat cheese.


Individuals who are in Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet can have a Chicken Caesar Salad but must forego the croutons. As a mid-afternoon snack, Phase 1 dieters can eat two slices of tomato with low-fat mozzarella cheese topped with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. This will tide the individual over until dinner.


Dinner tends to be a little more substantial with regard to the meals and the individual looking to obtain weight loss can have London Broil, mushrooms, spinach, South Beach mashed potatoes and a tossed salad with olive oil and vinegar. This lucky dieter even gets to have a delicious dessert to top off the evening. Something along the lines of a Lime Zest Ricotta Crème is what one in Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet can indulge in.

This is a south beach diet sample menu for what one would be eating if they were in Phase 1 of this diet regimen. If this sounds like it might work, then it is definitely worth trying in order to promote weight loss.

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