Slim Fast Optima Plan: How It Works

The following paragraphs will describe the popular Slim Fast Optima Plan and detail how it works. Many individuals are familiar with the brand name, Slim Fast, yet need to know more and by having this information, a prospective dieter can make an informed decision as to whether Slim Fast is the diet plan for them.

There are four key components to the Optima Plan which should be highlighted to show what this diet plan is all about. The first component is that of a personalized and balanced diet. This plan is constructed so that individuals will not have to give up all of their favorite foods while on this diet. They may eat certain items that they like and also use Slim Fast products as well. Flexibility is key with the Slim Fast Optima Plan.

The second component is activity based on one's abilities. Slim Fast encourages dieters to use exercise along with their Slim Fast diet plan in order to promote weight loss and really help the plan to work.

The third portion of the Optima Plan is 24 hour support by Slim Fast representatives. Slim Fast understands that dieting is not an easy process but it can be made much easier via support. That is why Slim Fast has a buddy system program, available dieticians for online consult and other great support amenities to keep dieters on the right track.

Lastly, the final component is tools one can use to track their success in the program. The Slim Fast success tracker is a tool individuals can use to track their activity, food intake and weight while partaking in the Slim Fast Optima Plan.

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