Negative Effects Low Carb Diet

Yes, there are negative effects low carb diet. Many people today are searching for a way in which to lose weight therefore the majority turn to low carb diets or totally remove all carbohydrates from their diet. This is not a good idea. Our bodies need carbs!

Reports have shown negative effects. The main one is ketosis. This condition is caused by deficiency of carbohydrates in the body. It has also been associated with diabetes. Ketosis is a metabolic disorder. What occurs is ketones are produced as a by-product of combusting fat. Since your body has less carbs, it produces more ketones. These ketones result in your body having more excretion of sodium and more water loss. This is one main reason a person loses weight on a low carb diet, however, a person that will experience side effects such as feeling sluggish, tired, and have low energy levels.

Other negative effect low carb diet may not seem to be severe but are just as annoying such as constipation, gas, and having too much protein in your body.

Long term negative effects low carb diet can be seen with such symptoms as feeling lethargic, sluggish, and tired. You may even begin to be quite a bit less active as the disorder ketosis, increases. However, if you begin to add more carbs to your diet the symptoms will decrease eventually leaving. However, you may also begin to gain weight once you start adding more carbs to your diet.

More studies are being conducted all the time to learn if there are more negative effects low carb diet have been reported to cause unhealthy metabolic disorder. Studies have also reported that the attention and mental flexibility of people on a low carb diet has been diminished. Performance was not effected only the mental processing and flexibility.

Low carb diets will help you lose weight; however, you must be aware that negative effects low carb diets are real. The studies have not been completed as to the extent of ketosis and if long-term effects may arise. To be on the safe side, it would be best to include carbs in your diet but not to go over the recommended amount. You should talk with your doctor before beginning any type of diet. Remember, carbs are not bad for you, just reduce your intake to normal levels, or as your doctor suggests.

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