Low Carb Diet Sample Menu

Finding a Low Carb Diet Sample Menu will help everyone. Lunch seems to be one of the hardest meals for us to watch our carbs. Many of us only have time to run through the nearest fast food restaurant and gulp down a hamburger before it is time to get back to work.

However, you can enjoy many delicious meals besides the fast food choice such as salads. Salads can be a complete meal if you add the right ingredients. A low card diet sample menu for lunch can include a chef salad with dark greed salad greens, a light oil based dressing, your favorite herbs and more. There are many wonderful low carb diet sample menus for you to choose from including
Greek Salad,
Chicken chopped and placed on top of dark green salad greens,
Low carb Cole slaw with chicken, apples, and nuts,
Tuna salad,
Salmon atop greens,
Steak with dark salad greens,
Cobb salad,

Adding mushrooms, sprouts, pecans, cucumbers, blue cheese, green pepper, onions, or other great vegetables or even some fruits such as apple can enhance all of these.

You can invent your favorite roll up or wrap for lunch as well. A low carb diet sample menu could be a lettuce leaf rolled with your favorite tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad.

Meat is another great low carb diet item. A low carb diet meal could be rolling cheese and vegetables up in a slice of ham. You can enjoy all your favorite veggies with this one.

One of the greatest thing ever is you can find Low Carb Diet Sample Menu just be searching on the internet for any meal. If you need a fast breakfast, lunch, or even a dinner for 10 hungry people, you will be amazed at how many you can find. Whether you enjoy new tasty meat dishes with low carb sauces or unique and tasty salads to enhance the meal you will be able to plan many meals with the sample menu you find online.

Just remember, with a low carb diet sample menu you can always mix and match items on the sample menu to take away items you are not fond of and add ones that you love. You must remember to replace the items with low carb items as well to ensure that you stay within carb amount you desire. You can also find a list of all the low carb foods to make sure you can replace any items with other low carb items that your family will enjoy.

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