Information Regarding How to Start Atkins Diet

Information regarding how to start Atkins diet is an important thing to look into as one may have a better idea after learning how the initial process begins and can decide whether or not they wish to use the Atkins diet. The first phase of the Atkins diet is known as the induction phase and this is also arguably the hardest step in the process. It takes two weeks to complete and during this phase one will limit their diet to 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. Some more pertinent information will be detailed in the paragraphs which follow and may help individuals to determine if the Atkins diet is for them.

Purpose of the Induction Phase

When learning how to start Atkins diet, it is important to know the purpose behind the initial phase. There are two main purposes which are to change one's body chemistry which will lead to lipolysis, which is essentially burning fat for energy, and the second is to start ketosis, that is using the fat for energy. During the two weeks of the induction phase, these two things will occur so long as the individual follows the diet plan.

Results of the Induction Phase

If pondering how to start Atkins diet, it is important to know about the induction phase and the results it will bring about. It will stabilize the blood sugar, end symptoms due to unstable blood sugar, curb food cravings and produce considerable weight loss. By the end of the induction phase, individuals engaged in the Atkins diet should see these results. Learning how to start Atkins diet and viewing results may help individuals to decide whether Atkins is for them.

Food Allowed During the Induction Phase

One last question which individuals are sure to ask is what type of foods are allowed to be consumed during this time frame. As mentioned previously, only 20 grams of carbohydrates are allowed. As for food types, one can eat meat, eggs, fish, fowl, shellfish, specific amount of particular cheese products and salad. There will be specific portions of each diagramed within the Atkins reading material.

If one has read up on how to start Atkins diet and feels like this is a possible diet plan to use, then it may just be the perfect weight loss program for that individual to use.

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